X-Men: First Class Review

Let me start off with saying that I enjoyed this movie, although I must honestly say that I cannot agree with either IMDB (8.1) or Rotten Tomatoes (87%) with this one. The kind of movies that I would rank in this category are; 12 Monkeys; Shutter Island; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Taken; etc.

The movie does feel very young in comparison to the other previous instalments. I would guess that it has to do with the fewer mature characters. It has a young Magneto and Xavier for instance. To be honest, I did not really take note of the acting. This is how a movie should be. I should not notice the quality of the acting, if it is done right.

Unfortunately the cinema I was in had terrible sound. I could hear everything, but it did not have any impact. The movie did seem to have some very good sound to it and I was disappointed that I could not experience it in its fullest.

The story has nothing new to it. I assume it follows the comic book series to some extent. The story was not bad, but it is very linear and follows a distinct clear plot. It does not deviate much and is fairly predictable, even if you do not know the comics.

The CG was truly fantastic. I used to go see a movie purely to see the CG. This was back when CG was improving in leaps and bounds. It was fascinating to experience how far each movie improved over its competitors, there were many that failed however. Nowadays I go to the movies for a break and to relax. I do not get to go much with the MBA and work, so when I get the chance I sometimes go watch three-movies in a row.

Overall there is nothing to dislike in the movie. It is not original, but does what it does right and does it well. I would recommend going to see it, but would not classify it as an A class movie.