Word 2010 is Amazing!!!

I underestimated the amount of writing I would need to do for my MBA. This has spawned a sort of love for writing which I thought I would never have, hence, one of the reasons for starting and continuing this blog.

Recently I have had to hand in two rather large assignments shortly after each other. The one was over 100 pages and I was concerned how Word would handle a document of that size and formatting complexity. I have had very bad experiences in the past with documents getting too large to work on with previous versions of Word. This time however, I did a bit of Googling on how people use word for books. It seemed that I would not have to use LateX in this scenario, again.

I took the leap of faith and have been surprisingly impressed. Anyone who knows me would be surprised with the following statement. Microsoft has created the best piece of software I have used to date. Word 2010! It is no secret that I loathe Microsoft, but they have really outdone themselves here.

The mathematical formulas you can enter into the document and ease in styling tables to look exactly like you need them to have made my year. Coupling that with the relatively good performance on large documents, I have to say it is worth putting up with that ribbon at the top of the program.

Words performance was starting to become noticeably worse nearing completion of the document, although it was still very usable. I had complex formatting, tables, formulas, images, smart objects, headers, footers, complex page numbering, massive table of contents, and it was all functioning within reason.

The other thing that saved me was the automatic word count in the bottom left of the screen and the grammatical suggestions it gave me. It did not always get the grammatical error identification right, but it allowed me to reword a lot of cases, in which case Word was happier and thus I felt better about. I seemed to have gained a lot of faith in the grammatical corrections in Word 2010; so much so that I actually prefer writing small paragraphs in it just to make sure I have the right grammar before sending important emails.

If you have been disappointed in the past with Word, I would highly recommend that you give it a go again, especially if you do a lot of textual content creation.