Using blogs to get people to think

Having attended various conferences and other types of business gatherings. I have come to the conclusion that there are many people who spend most of their time at these events. They attend and listen, but in the end they leave with knowledge that fades, information that they have not processed.

It is similar to when people do research on the internet or read on a certain topic. They never fully process this information and assimilate it into their knowledge base. I have found that blogging gives me a nice “retrospective” of the information that I was presented. It forms a platform for me to process the information. I have time to consider what I am about to say and what my personal opinion is on the topic.

I believe that most knowledge workers should blog in some form or another. Be it a company blog, public or personal. They need to process the information other than just viewing it. I think that if the knowledge is shared publicly, it will assist in a community where corporate’s can work together, on a common problem, with the goal of coming to solutions together. It would be far more valuable to society if this was the case. I do however realise that this is a pipe-dream.

What is important is that information should be processed in some form or another to make it relevant. It should be shared, with colleagues at least, in an attempt to share knowledge and assist in team moral. Learning from each other would enable colleagues to respect opinions of their colleagues. I strongly believe that personal growth is important and feel that some form of information processing, be it blogging, tweeting, emailing, or some other form, will have a large benefit in this regard.