Ultra Music Festival Miami!

Thought I would share this with my friends that criticized me in the past in my choice of music. I found a link to a vid on the UMF in Miami with Armin van Buuren for A State Of Trance 550. After some googling I found out what the UMF is: Ultra Music Festival on Wikipedia. Then I found the site and learnt that it was one of the record selling events in Miami. The setting must have been amazing! Here is a video from youtube about what UMF is and it is great to see some of the old hard-house names up there like Carl Cox. This looks like sooo much fun! The movie is about the movie released 2012 March 22.

Check the dude in the wheelchair at about 1:14 and wait for the music to kick in around 2:00!

Look at the attendance growth rate…
Year Attendance Location
2005 45,000 Bayfront Park, Miami
2006 30,385 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2007 50,000 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2008 70,000 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2009 100,000 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2010 100,000 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2011 150,000 Bicentennial Park, Miami
2012 165,000 Bayfront Park, Miami

Worst thing is that the MBA has meant that I will miss this event with avicii, because of two exams this weekend on the 31st March & 1st April (no April fools)!

And a flash mob winner to the song…

And a dubstep remix by skrillex…