Tugela Gorge… Just Beautiful!


After our gruelling previous day on our Drakensberg trip, we woke up early to go to Tugela Gorge, which is in the Royal National Park, below the Tugela Falls. We had requested a packed lunch, from the cavern, the evening before and it was ready for us at breakfast. There was a light drizzle in the morning so we purchased two new rain jackets (we were not expecting rain on this trip after the heat in Cape Town). There was also a lot of mist in the morning and we got extremely soaked on the wet plants, but it did clear for the late afternoon although by then, sadly, it was too late for us. This part of our trip was by far the best and we took many pictures. The walk was beautiful and thus I will rather let the pictures do the talking.  Checkout was the next day. All the pictures can be found on my picasa album.