The Return Trip from the Drakensberg

From Drakensberg – The Cavern Day 1

Our return from our Drakensberg Trip was split over two evenings. We left after breakfast to arrive at Orange Valley Guest Farm by early afternoon, even after getting lost for a short while. There really is not much to do at the B&B, so we talked a bit and went to bed just after supper at around 8pm.

From Drakensberg – Tugela Gorge Day 3

The next day was a 4h trip to Beaufort Manor in Beaufort West. I did not know it at the time of booking, but I was informed that the Manor is a family Guest House. Trying to be objective and unbiased, the place really is value for money. It was the only place that had a fully stocked fridge. The bathroom had both a bath and shower and the scenery is out of place for Beaufort West. Which is a good thing as the area is part of the Karoo and is very dry and arid.

From Drakensberg – The Cathedral Day 6

There is nothing really to do in Beaufort West however there are loads of Guest Houses, which didn’t interest us much. There are things to do if you stay for a few days but need to be pre-planned and booked. Thus we just lazed around at the Manor sleeping a bit more and talking to the staff and guests. Shantelle was itching to get online as she needed course information for her course urgently. I also got to deal with my mass of emails whilst we were there. They provide free wifi access, which is kind of rare for South Africa in general, let alone the Karoo. After overindulging in the dinner, we watched something went to sleep and left after breakfast in the morning. It was good to get home the next day and put an amazing holiday behind us, although we might not have guessed it from our first day’s experience.

From Drakensberg – The Cathedral Day 6