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Sum to Fifteen (All About Perspective)

I got the idea for this game from a lecture I was watching, given by Scott E. Page. He gave the online course Model Thinking over at Coursera. He is a lecturer in Complex Systems at the University of Michigan.  He presents the idea of how perspectives have such a large influence …


The Making of Borderlands

Hosted by no other than Claptrap (character in borderlands). The making of Borderlands is damn funny. There are references to pop culture which I have included at the end. Definitely worth a watch. Also this is a great game for those that have not played it and I highly recommend it for …


F.E.A.R 1,2 & 3

*** BEWARE MANY SPOILERS*** I remember a few years back when a friend of mine told me about F.E.A.R. I went over to his house to check out the game. Now in general I do not like FPS genre much at all. It has never appealed to me and the …