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Sum to Fifteen (All About Perspective)

I got the idea for this game from a lecture I was watching, given by Scott E. Page. He gave the online course Model Thinking over at Coursera. He is a lecturer in Complex Systems at the University of Michigan.  He presents the idea of how perspectives have such a large influence …


Android AIR Development

You will need the FlexSDK (4.5.1), AndroidSDK (android-tools), JDK (5), and the latest AIR SDK (2.7.1) to get these examples running on your phone. I believe you might also need the latest .net runtime to get Flashdevelop to work. I wanted to try out something in flash and decided to give Flashdevelop 4 Beta …


Sound for the Flixel Lander Game

So I wanted to add sound to the game below. After some searching, I found a mp3 that I could use for the thrust and during that search I came across a Flash Synthesizer. I was originally just playing with the idea of a lander game a few weeks ago. That …


A BIT more Flixel with more Lander

So i was mentioning yesterday how cool Flixel was and how easy it is to create a quick and dirty lander clone. I played with Flixel a bit more since then and have came up with the following. Most time was actually creating the sounds and hunting down images. I …


Very Rough Lander Clone

So I have been playing with Flixel a bit more and really am amazed at how fast it is to put something together. This is what I have put together in the span of the afternoon. It contains random map generation simple lander physics collision detection with the terrain screen …