Source Code Review

Okay, so Source Code is nothing like what I thought it was going to be like. However, that might just be a good thing. I went to watch it a while back with my girlfriend. I am sure that if it was actually about “sourcecode”, then she would have been bored stiff.

Without giving anything away…

The movie is not about “sourcecode” or even closely related, although I think they would like you to believe that it is. I went into the movie not knowing the reviews or knowing anything about the story. I was pleasantly surprised and suggest that anyone who has not seen it, not do too much research into the movie and just go watch it.

The acting is well done and I really like Jake Gyllenhaal, ever since Donnie Darko even though he has this morbid, sorry style in most of his roles. We watched the movie in the same theatre room as X-Men, so the sound was not quite fantastic, but only because of the theatre. I really enjoyed the suspense of the movie and it progressed at a nice pace. The post-production on the film also looks to be quite substantial and it pays off. I was gripped enough to not notice any of the mistakes in the movie or to be bothered with them.

I recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it and I am sure I will watch it again sometime.