Sound for the Flixel Lander Game

So I wanted to add sound to the game below. After some searching, I found a mp3 that I could use for the thrust and during that search I came across a Flash Synthesizer. I was originally just playing with the idea of a lander game a few weeks ago. That then moved on to a reluctant port towards the game library Flixel, which I found out about during the development.

That lead to a quick implementation of the game and I mean quick, one half afternoon quick. After which I fell in love with the library and continued to use it to create a more custom implementation of the lander clone. I have now developed this to the point where I have become serious about the sound. I found the synthesizer above which I am using for the coin sounds and the explosion when crashing. I further went on to look for some 8bit music maker and found musagi. Oddly enough, created by the same author as sfxr, the synthesizer mentioned above.

Both those tools, I think will be sufficient for most of my sound requirements for any further retro style game I would like to toy with. I have gone through the musagi tutorial and have found that it is relatively easy to create some short 8bit music. I am anxious to see what I will be doing with these tools as things progress.

Here is the progress…