Recuva, my MBA life saver

So, I was stupid recently. I wanted to backup my MBA documents. Half a year down and 800MB later, I really thought it was about time. So I downloaded toucan and decided to use it to not only do backups, but sync some other folders as well.

Hmm, well first test went fine on some other files. Then when I got to the backup part of the process, I decided to “mirror” my folders. Well, for backup that meant to clean the one folder to look like the other and not to sync the files both ways. I have since learnt that it is another function that can do that for me.

So, now I was in a pickle. I had effectively deleted 800MB of files and they skipped the recycling bin. I new they were soft deleted and were still there. So I decided to not copy anything to that drive or delete anything more until I had recovered the files. Toucan does have an option for removing to recycling bin (off by default).

I tried quite a few programs and was very disappointed with many of them. I landed up finding a program called Recuva. Now unlike some of the other programs I used where they found certain types of files only and kept the directory structure… Recuva found ALL files, whilst not keeping the directory structure and even created a naming scheme to prevent like named files from being overwritten. It recuva’d all my 832MB of files.

Now really, what is more important, getting ALL your files back or some of them in a neat structure…

Recuva is really fantastic for retrieving files. This was just before two of my final exams for Accounting and Economics (Saturday and Sunday). This happened on the Thursday. The only bad thing was… with so many files out of their directory structure. It took me forever (2 hours) to put 80% of it back into the correct structure. Maybe I should name all my files with the folder name as a start… just in case this happens again. NOT!!!

I have since decided to stick with Toucan and have a nice system in place for doing automated backups, syncs, and encryption. The point is that… if you want your files back after doing something stupid, the only time we generally need to, use RECUVA.