Random tile based terrain

So I have created a randomly generated terrain for a lander game. It does overhangs and gives a pretty good result. I still have some artifacts, as can be seen in the screenshot. They have more to do with identifying the right tiles for the generated terrain than anything else.

The spaceship is animated and the flame out the exhaust is animated. The moon in the background moves and the gradient is on top of the moon and background. It is nothing special so far, but was fun to get to this point. I am looking to port this to either Flixel or Flashpunk. I still need to decide. I have my own physics, but for this I am thinking of learning Box2D with Flashpunk or trying to see how Flixel does things. Not sure yet. I will make update posts as things progress.

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  • http://www.zemoga.com Andres Niño

    I suggest use Nape (http://code.google.com/p/nape/wiki/). I’ve been working in a game for mobile, and the mix Nape with Flixel its pretty awesome.

    Best Regards,

    • http://www.avanderw.co.za Andrew

      I see that it is a 2D physics engine, how does this compare to box2D? From a quick glance, it looks like it targets HaXe, which is where I want to actually look next, so I might just give this a go some time.