Procedural Terrain Resources

I keep finding fantastic resources for procedural content generation. I also keep loosing that information. I have decided to create a post that will contain all the information that I have found on certain topics. This post might get large as I add to it in the future. If I break down an algorithm or implement one, then I will create a new post for it and link to it from here. Hopefully this will work better than my browser bookmarks, which have gotten far to messy.


  • Midpoint Displacement in One Dimension
  • Height Maps
  • The Diamond-Square Algorithm

  • Idea for painting a height map with a gradient texture instead of programmatically

  • Height maps with level of detail using perlin noise

  • Iterative Midpoint Displacement demo in One Dimension

  • Method for painting tiles on platform type maps and top down strategy maps
  • PixelArt and Bitmap graphics