Oudebos, Kogelberg

Easy hike to the top of the ravine, with multiple trails leading on from there. There are pools which one can swim in a few minutes walk from the parking area. It looks like you can kayak on the river. More photos can be found on my google+ album from the hike.

Useful information

Location: Just the other side of Betty’s Bay coming from Gordens Bay side

Difficulty: Easy walk

Duration: 3-4 hours including a swim

Terrain: Single track where you walk under a tree canopy up the ravine. The top can get windy.

Permit: Obtained from the office upon entrance

Costs: R40 per person for the permit

Additional information

  • It is wind protected in the ravine
  • A tree canopy provides shade for a part of the walk
  • There are pools which one can swim in near the parking area
  • The road is rather bad once leaving the R44 to get to the parking area