My Planned Drakensberg Trip

So how did we decide on this holiday. The idea at first was to do Madagascar at the end of January, but then according to Shantelle, it is Monsoon season then, so we did not look into it much further, our mistake. Anyway, this led us to look into Victoria Falls. Shantelle put in a lot of effort planning this trip. This was the criteria:

  • End of January
  • Week or more
  • Within budget
  • We do a few activities

During the course of our research the following was determined:

  • The river rafting closes mid-January
  • The accommodation is in US dollars
  • The accommodation is run down after the Zimbabwe fiasco
  • There is a lot of lying about facilities there
  • Various of our friends have been disappointed with their trip there
  • There is not much else to do
  • The flights there from Cape Town are cheap
  • The moonlight rainbow would be early January or February

The trip eventually morphed into:

  • Go early January
  • Stay 4 nights (3 in backpackers)
  • Cram in events, all are pretty pricey
  • See the rainbow and then come back

Looking at how much it would cost and what we would get for our money, the trip really started looking dismal. After a long hard discussion it was decided to stop planning for Victoria Falls… but I still wanted to get away. So I bought two travel guides on South Africa and decided on the Drakensberg. Our current holiday in summary:

  • 11 nights
  • We have a road trip there and back
  • Nice accommodation there and on the trip
  • Significantly cheaper than what Victoria Falls would have been
  • Loads of activities at the lodges and resorts we are staying at
  • Beautiful scenery
  • End of January (not too cold yet, scenery should be lush and green)

The events haven’t been planned, but we will be taking with the mountain bikes, golf clubs, squash rackets, and hiking shoes. The only thing I have an issue with is that I will have to dress smart-casual in the evenings at both resorts, no shorts, and the weather is going to be hot! We will be staying at these places on the trip.

Based on the accommodation alone Shantelle and myself are really anxious to go. Everything is booked and paid for. Just need to sort out a few minor details and we are off! I will post more on our trip as it unfolds.

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