Mistborn… so worth reading!

So I blogged a while back about an author that I had recently stumbled upon. Today I finished reading the first book of his Mistborn Trilogy. I can understand now why Brandon Sanderson was contracted to finish the Wheel of Time series, based off this series. Apparently Robert Jordan’s wife read these three books and contracted him to finish the series.

To be honest, the book starts off slow but hooks you on the concept of burning metals as a form of magic, called allomancy. Which is pretty unique. The main reason I wanted to read on was that I wanted to know more about the magic system. By the time I got to half way through the book I was completely hooked on the politics, plots, secrets, and unanswered questions. I think by then there had been two battles that were fantastic to read. I say read here liberally. I listened to the audio books. I bought the novels just before my MBA and have not found the time to read them.

My girlfriend actually read through all three books in about 3 weeks. They are not small books either. Each weighing in at 650 pages. She avoids fantasy because she does not like the genre and prefers more historical type novels. She is a bit more of an avid reader than what I am.

So she read this before I got a chance to get round to reading it. She was really excited about it. Which made me anxious to read the books. 7 months later I get to listen to the audio book. I am so glad that the reader of the book did such a good job. I cannot wait to start the second book and will this weekend when I take a mini-vacation at the Brede River. Something else for me to look forward to, as it is still to early to go water-skiing.

If you in for a unique magic system with intricate plots and steady stream of answers to the questions you develop. Then I would highly recommend the first book. The flair of the battles near the end of the book and how the story develops, really got my heart racing. I have read Warbreaker and listened to Elantris. In both books Brandon has strong female lead characters and this book is no different. The female lead develops realistically and you can empathise with her. There are various unanswered questions near the end of the book. However, the book does a good job of summarising what those questions are whilst still giving the finality you would expect from a single novel.

I wish more authors were this good. Highly recommended. For further reviews, check goodread’s comments and maybe amazon’s reviews. Google works too :) P.S. the books read easily if you not into heavy reads.