Jean Elan – Killer (Jean Elan Mix)


I was listening to Tiesto’s club life 116 part 2 today and near the end I came across the above song. I did some googling on the musician and found Jean Elan’s webpage. It is simple yet effective. It also spawned a search on how to embed music within a post, as most of us know now how to do it with youtube. I found out the following:

I suspect that it is licencing issues. What I did find was sound cloud. I have been there a few times and it seems to be taking off quite quickly and they support integration with WordPress out of the box. Two thumbs up to them. They also have the usual integration with social sites. I think that the fact it works here in SA and that it allows for embedding is awesome. I have however seen some tracks littered with comments. Still nice new site with some nice [new / old] music.