JC Le Roux Champaign Tasting

This post is kind of late, but two weeks back I went Champaign tasting with my girlfriend and her friends. We ended up at JC Le Roux tasting farm. We left rather early in the morning for our booking. These are my impressions.

Firstly the décor is really nice and professional. We were early which allowed us quite a bit of time to move through the cellars and check out the layout. The place is not that large in comparison to other wine farms we have been to. Small things, like the décor they put in the passages and foyer made the difference. I must admit that this is the first Champaign farm we went to.

I found out that Pongratz is actually JC Le Roux at our tasting. The hosts were extremely polite. They almost made me feel uncomfortable they were so nice. Their knowledge of their Champaigns and the history behind them was really good. I enjoyed listening to the history of the Champaign as well as the owners.

The tasting was also well priced. We paid R30 for 5 glasses of Champaign and not those empty kinds of glasses you normally get. A few of us left there with a bit of a buzz. Two of our friends were having a buffet breakfast there in the morning. The food looked good and the atmosphere is suited to the cellar.

There was a baby shower happening upstairs in the restaurant area, so there were a lot of women around, perfect for the single lad. If you think that it is only because of the baby shower, I must correct you there. Whilst we were at our tasting, which is on the ground floor, there entered quite a few other groups for tasting. The “executive” room was taken up by only women and most of the other tables had women in the majority. Champaign is after all seen as a women’s drink in our circles.

They offer more than just the basic tasting we did, they do chocolate fountains with treats and other fancy alternatives. If you have not been there, I would recommend going there for an hour or so. There is not a lot to see, but it is a nice place to start off the day. I would highly recommend doing the morning thing with the farm and leaving other activities for later in the day.