Isometric View of the Terrain Algorithms

I have been meaning to look into the as3isolib library for some time now. Partly out of interest and partly as research for a colleague. The library is very nice for displaying a scene. I wonder how difficult it would be to swap out the viewing system in Flixel with this library. I really like Flixel and it seems that this question has already been raised, with conflicting answers. I will not be looking into it, unless I undertake a BIG project needing it.

Click to generate new terrain

Even though this was something I quickly threw together, I found something I already do not like. I am sure there is a way to do it, but I did not spend much time researching it. The problem is that you cannot get the display as a flattened bitmap [or draw the display list to BitmapData]. I was wanting to use the disintegrate effect on the terrain whilst generating the new one. Alas, as you can see, I did not implement it.

The terrain generation algorithms are the three I developed recently. The Midpoint Displacement, Broken Diamond Square, and the Value Noise ones.