Fallout 3 Hacking Utility

I was playing Fallout 3 last night. I got to the second terminal that I had to hack, I am still in the very beginning, and I hated the effort that needed to be put in to the mini-game. I thought that the computation could be done faster on a computer – lol. So I spent a quick half hour putting together a program to handle this for me. It was literally around 30min of coding, so the solution is not the most stable.

I thought that other people might be interested, even though the game is fairly old by now. If you happen to be replaying it and are also frustrated with the hacking mini game, give this utility a go. The source is included.


  • Java
  • Windows (will technically work under Linux as well. You will just have to type in the command. no .sh file – sorry)


Just extract all the files in the zip to the same directory and execute run.bat.


When you enter the terminal screen in fallout 3, write the words you can select from into the words.txt file. Then execute run.bat.

*CAUTION* Straight Alt-Tabbing out of the game will not allow you to get back into the game. I use my laptop to run this program whilst playing on my PC, but if you have to Alt-Tab, bring up the console or the menu and then Alt-Tab. The game should return fine, although quick save just in-case. You have been warned.

Here is example output from program.

EDIT: After playing through most of the game and the expansions, the tool became less needed. I increased my science skill and the hacking just becomes a guessing game where you will almost always get it after a try or two. Which kinda makes the whole hacking part of the game a nuisance. At least it is not like Bioshock. A friend of mine played that and every time he had to hack something it was a game a pipe!!! Seriously! I am wanting to have fun, when I get the time to play. Not waste time of stupid hacking games. Although I must say that Bethesda did do a admirable job at trying to get it right here.