F.E.A.R 1,2 & 3


I remember a few years back when a friend of mine told me about F.E.A.R. I went over to his house to check out the game. Now in general I do not like FPS genre much at all. It has never appealed to me and the stories are linear and at the time I was really into Strategy games. I really like games where I have to think and not search for something rewarding to happen. Alas I do not have the time for that anymore.

Enough of a detour, so I went over and I played a bit. Heard about how good this AI is and I should try. So I cranked the game up to the hardest difficulty and started playing. It was really easy. I ran through them like a hot knife through butter, realising that the game most probably should not be played like that. I think it was my saving grace though. What happened was that I played through enough of the story at that speed to get interested.

That was my first experience. I eventually got the game and played it in a dark room late at night for maximum effect. I must honestly say that there were a few times that I shat myself. I ended up reading most of the story items and I thoroughly enjoyed how twisted things got the more I progressed.

I finished the game within 24 hours and was left wanting more. What that game got right was how it turned a twisted character into someone you would feel sorry for. It was fantastic to see the pull between “she is evil” and “she is the victim”. The ending, to be honest I cannot remember.

Then came F.E.A.R 2 and I just had to get my hands on it. It was not as great as F.E.A.R had been for me and it was definitely not as scary. In what was becoming a tradition, I played through in the hardest difficulty. I ended up playing mainly for the story line. The gameplay was not my type, it too was easy and it was not as scary. This reminds me that I must try amnesia dark descent. The ending was extremely rewarding in F.E.A.R 2. I loved that the playable character was raped and hinted at a follow up story. It was really twisted and a little expected. I enjoyed that experience.

I have just finished number 3, also on hard. I only played through with the first brother and am not sure whether I will be playing through with the second brother [who is a cannibal in F.E.A.R 1]. I have not even tried him out. I was again only playing for the story. With the first installment I got a few scares, with the second one maybe two [I really loved the piece where walking through some shallow water led to falling head deep into blood.], the third did not scare me at all, but the level where there are all those T.V.’s reminded me of Resident Evil, the first movie, at the end when she wakes up. I enjoyed the feel to that level a lot.

F.E.A.R 3 did not really live up to what I expected, I did enjoy it though. It was not as twisted as the 2nd installment though I just read that when you end the game with Fettel, he possesses you and eats his mother and decides to raise the baby as well. I really liked how your team mates died in the 2nd one. The third one you get to watch the character you played in the second one die, after complaining about being raped. Nice touch. I did not like that Alma did not feature much. The whole shockwaves throughout the city when she has contractions was quite cool. But she meets a very shitty ending for how powerful she was and it is not like it is her first birth. Although, she did seek you out in the second one to have your baby. I am hoping that the baby which was born at the end of this installment turns out to be something really warped. Hopefully it will not just be another shooter, like number 3 and lean more towards a F.E.A.R experience.

One good thing about F.E.A.R 3 though, it is truly more difficult that all the previous installments. I died many times and did not feel shafted, unlike the end of F.E.A.R 2 on difficult, that was hard!

All in all, if you have played the first two games to completion, I would highly recommend playing this one. It is definitely not as pleasing as the first two, but you should play it as it looks like there will be a fourth installment, based on the story so far.