wsimport for generating a Java WS-client

So how did I miss this tool?

I have been using JDeveloper for a few years now and am impressed with the IDE for Oracle development. Recently however I have been doing a fair amount of vanilla Java programming. I switched IDE’s to eclipse and see why it is so popular. I now use both IDE’s depending on the task at hand. What I liked about JDeveloper were the generation tools. What I do not like about JDeveloper is how bad the code is that they produce and how it masks a lot of the internals. I find that to get something done initially, JDeveloper really fits the bill well. Then as I understand more about what I am doing and what JDeveloper is doing for me, I tend to switch out a lot of what JDeveloper does for me.

However, in the eclipse space things are not as smooth. I do not like Apache Axis. It has been a headache for me whenever I have to deal with it. Both methods are cumbersome and irritating and produce too much code in my opinion. I was about to resort to building my own tool for generating my own SOAP envelope and making a URL connection to do the call. I was not too keen on the idea and did a bit of googling and found wsimport. It is simple fast and produces minimal code. I really like it. It is not fully featured like axis, but gets the job done for what I want to do. It is easy to extend it to do asynchronous calls and is relatively clean in comparison to the other two methods I have worked with.

BEST OF ALL no library includes! okay… I had the minimal libraries already in my path

This is going to be the way I generate my clients going forward. I will blog again if I have any issues with it. What I hate about the Java world is that many of the libraries try to be everything to everyone (A factory to produce factories… I mean seriously!). Just like the language, this makes the library cumbersome and verbose to work with. Have a look at the security on Blackboard Webservices for an example of how to do it right, but at the same time make it a ball-ache to integrate with.

To run command-line arguments from maven, you need the exec-maven-plugin:

      <!-- optional -->

EDIT: the command was already in my path… I assume it is std with the JDK

EDIT: here is the documentation