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Urquhart Graph

In computational geometry, the Urquhart graph of a set of points in the plane, named after Roderick B. Urquhart, is obtained by removing the longest edge from each triangle in the Delaunay triangulation. Using the as3delaunay library to generate the triangulation, I then proceeded to remove the longest edge from each triangle to create the Urquhart graph. I …

Isometric Waves

Isometric Waves

Whilst looking into some processing demos over at I ran into this isometric wave sketch. Each isometric tile’s height is determined by the distance it is from the center of the grid fitted to a sine curve. Animation is achieved by adding time to the distance. All I did …


Voronoi Experiment

I first encountered the Voronoi back in my honours thesis when we were redistributing points on a plane to assist in up- and down-sampling point based 3D models. At the time I was using a library that did not use the plane sweep algorithm by Steve Fortune. This made the overall …