Casa Del Sol (Strand, Cape Town) Review

Last night we had snacks at Casa Del Sol in Strand. It is situated at the bottom of Hibernian Towers. It is a bar / lounge place.

The food was not fantastic, although it was not bad. I had the Fish & Chips, nothing fancy. The table ordered jalapeno spring rolls (a first) and crumbed chicken wings. I enjoy jalapeno poppers and like the transition to spring rolls. I really enjoyed the spring rolls, I think I might prefer them actually. Some of the other orders where wraps and burgers.

The atmosphere was… empty. I wonder if it was because it was a Thursday night or if it is generally the case. The bar was not well stocked for anyone who wanted non-alcoholic drinks.

All in all the place is nice for when you want a private social evening out with snacks. It is quiet enough to talk and the service is not bad. We stayed there till around 23:30, about 30 minutes after they politely informed us of the last rounds. I cannot say anything about the clientele as there were not many of them. Although there was a single person sitting by himself from before the time we arrived (19:45), with a laptop that seemed to have an amazing battery life. He was there until the time we left.

The company made up for the shortcomings and I will most probably end up going there again. For what you get the price is reasonable. It is high enough to keep the dodgy crowd out and it is low enough to have a enjoyable evening without worrying about breaking the bank.

  • Peter Prentice

    You cannot judge a place, especially in the Strand, with one visit during winter during the week. This place beats any place I have been to in Cape Town.