AS3: Perlin Noise Experiment

I have some time to experiment again… total win for the end of the year. It is not a lot of time but enough to fiddle with some perlin noise. I have been wanting to get around to this for quite some time now. Hope you like the demo I put together. It is not very complex and here is the just of what is in it.

  • background image has been generated using 2d perlin noise
  • the top and bottom lines are drawn using each row of the 2d perlin noise as a heightmap
  • the 2d perlin here is near seamless and line animation has been done by looping over the rows
  • this effectively removes a dimension and animates by making use of the higher dimension
  • similarly you can loop through 3d planes to animate 2d textures, although it is expensive
  • music is played using flod for actionscript… there is a port for javascript
  • mod filename is “awaken_ciyana_ii.mod”, i do not know the author
  • the header text is animated using flupie to control each character and greensock for the tweening
  • the particles in the middle are tweened using greensock as well
  • the height of the particles are determined from row 0 of the 2d perlin noise
  • the mod size is 206,336 bytes, total swf size is 175,409 bytes… i dont know

My assumption for the swf size being smaller than the mod, is that Adobe’s flex compiler packs the bytes better and uses higher compression.

P.S. photonstorm’s blog is pretty awesome to read through