Anime: Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is an Anime that I would normally not watch. This week was rather lonely and I needed to find something to occupy myself besides studying. Somehow studying long hours repeatedly depresses me more. Thus I actually put effort into seeing other people and taking a break from studying over the weekend. I substituted my limited free-time with short episodes of something. Movies are too long and good series tend to be one hour an episode, which is also a bit too long given the time-constraints I have.

Turning to Anime for the first time in a long time, I looked into Vampire Knight. At least it is around 20 minutes an episode, which fitted into my schedule nicely. I thought that it would be good to reflect on my experience with the Anime as it is not something I normally tend to watch and yet I am watching it when I get free time.

The Plot

The anime is about vampires that take evening classes at a University. They are known as the night class. The day class (humans) dote over the night class every dusk the vampires leave their dorm. To keep control there are two prefects assigned to the day class that try to keep the two classes separate. The male prefect seems older and more hardcore than the female prefect. The whole premise is that vampires are trying to live in peace with humans and this is one attempt to achieve this. There are lots of hidden agenda’s though.

I generally like Anime that has lots of action, great story and good character development (not like Dragon Ball Z). Naruto is great, besides for the fillers. Vampire Knight seems to be more of a story driven Anime with little to no action. Yet somehow at the end of each episode there is enough drive to watch the next one. It is not critical moments in a fight scene, like Naruto or Bleach, but more about dropping bombs that progress the story.

This is actually what I think I like about this series. The story is constantly kept back and released to you in trickling parts, which are enough to keep you interested and not too fast as to confuse you. There is strong structure to the story and it is definitely going somewhere, although you keep guessing where that is. Some of the plot is easy to identify, whilst there is definitely an air that keeps you pondering. The fluffy stuff still irritates me and the whole romance side to it does not appeal to me either. The story however is intriguing and is not going the way I want it to, which is fantastic! The series also looks like it ends :)

EDIT: I lost interest in this series and read how it finished on Wikipedia


  • Anime News Network 7.748 (std. dev. 1.81)
  • Internet Movie Database 7.6
  • The T.V. Database 8