Amazing Fantasy Author Found!

Recently I have found that books are a fantastic way to relax. I have never seen myself as a reader and hated it back at school level. Since then, I have been online for a large part of my young-adult life. It has forced me to do a lot of reading. This in retrospect is a good thing. When I attempted reading again, I found that it was not nearly as difficult as what I had previously found it. The biggest thing I had to get over was the fact that I must just continue reading, even when I lost track of what I had just read.

It is for this reason I have no real network of people that can refer me to any good reading. I never built one and the people closest to me, either read mainstream or out of my general interest area. I need something far enough away from the general material I get in on a daily basis.

My girlfriend’s father recommended the Conqueror Trilogy by Conn Iggulden. For any history buffs that trilogy is a fantastic read. It follows the story of Genghis Khan’s life from birth till death. I see now that there is a fourth book that continues where the last book left off with his children. I still need to read that one.

So what must I rely on when I have no real understanding of what is good and what is not. I also have very few reference points. My father attempted to get me into the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett when I was in high school. Seeing as he has since past, I gave that series a shot and found out that I quite enjoy fantasy worlds and environments. I seem to also be a sucker for the cover art of books.

This is how I stumbled upon Warbreaker. The feature image of this post is the cover of the book. I never knew what the Wheel of Time was (I know… shocking) and I had no clue of who Brandon Sanderson was. I have learnt since. This book is a fantastic reference point when looking for new novels to read.

The book follows three stories, possibly more, and has the ability to really grasp you into each one. Unlike when I was reading the Demon Trilogy, where I only wanted to follow the main story, Warbreaker created such an illustrative environment in which the characters really flourished. I was getting concerned near the end of the book when I was trying to piece the stories together and I could not see how he could do it.

The weaving of those stories near the end was pure artwork. Brandon Sanderson is truly gifted in juggling multiple stories and making them connect in a believable way. For me the way in which he did this was the best part of the book. My girlfriend does not read fantasy and avoids it whenever possible.

But we went on holiday about a year ago and she had nothing to read, or she finished her book, cannot remember. Either way, she started reading with me from after the first chapter. It also happens to be the first book we actually started reading to each other from. Sadly this only lasted the holiday. I went back to work and forgot the book at her place after the holiday. When I went to pick it up the next weekend, she had finished the book without me!

Because she enjoyed this book and I secretly want to hook her into fantasy, I went out and bought all three books of the Mistborn Trilogy, just before I started my MBA. Yeah I know, not smart. It has now been six months in and I still have not even started the first book. They are also rather large volumes, each around 650 pages.

I thought that someone needs to read them and pawned them off on my girlfriend. She read all three in less than THREE WEEKS!!! The green eyed monster in me awoke, as I was reading articles from Harvard Business Review in the time she was reading what I actually wanted to read. Let us just say that Brandon Sanderson did a fantastic job there as well, from what I gather from her and the internet.

While it pains me that I have not had a chance to read the Mistborn Trilogy, it just so happens that I drive quite a bit in the mornings and the opportunity arose to listen to Elantris in the car. All I can say there is that I really am enjoying the novel and it is exciting me for the Mistborn Trilogy. I seriously cannot wait, but alas have to.

So if you have not heard of Brandon Sanderson, if you have not read any of his books and if you like fantasy, I highly recommend his writings. Two thumbs up!