A BIT more Flixel with more Lander

So i was mentioning yesterday how cool Flixel was and how easy it is to create a quick and dirty lander clone. I played with Flixel a bit more since then and have came up with the following.

Most time was actually creating the sounds and hunting down images. I am not an artist and that is really what eats time in comparison to the coding. I have learnt a bit about Audacity and luckily know quite a bit about Photoshop (I should look into GIMP for future work).

Sorry, but this version has very bad sound, please turn down your speakers


What has been added since the prototype:

  • Updated the map generation code to allow for the custom¬†tile-set
  • Textual representation of the velocity was added with an effect to show ideal landing conditions
  • Updated generation code to have a minimum amount of land created
  • Added a ship sprite and animations
  • Added sound for the ships thrusting
  • Landing physics implemented
  • Added death effects

Known Bugs:

  • Pixel perfect collision needs to be implemented, you can die without actually touching the terrain
  • Falling off the bottom of the map will do nothing (I am considering generating making it a seamless transition)
  • The landing pad can be generated in areas that are unreachable (surrounded by terrain)
  • Many others